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Write Copy that Speaks to Your Market 

Hosted by
Ronnie Noize
February 20th
10:00 PST

Here is What You'll Learn in this free Masterclass:

the DIY copywriting "hack" that makes writing 100 times easier (really!)

how to identify and amplify your written “voice” 

the precise purpose of every line of sales copy 

the one formula that allows you to be 100% authentic while mesmerizing your audience

the copy models work best for sales, social, and email

plus the surprising secret to writing copy that converts


About Veronika Noize

Veronika ("Ronnie") Noize, is an award-winning coach, author, speaker, and founder of the DIY Marketing Center.

Ronnie was listed as Google's #1 marketing coach in organic searches since 2006-2015, without spending a dime on SEO. She graduated from Coach U, and has been a professional coach since 2000. She was elected president of her local chapter of the International Coach Federation, and was later named the first Coach of the Year. She was an instructor for three years at the International Coach Academy, and continues to work with new coaches.

She appeared on over 30 episodes as Your Marketing Coach on a business-building TV show in Portland, OR, winning the SBA's Business Journalist of the Year award, and has authored over 100 published articles on marketing, as well as three books: How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech, The 30-Minute Networking Secret Toolkit, and Marketing Strategies that Really Work, from Insight publications.

Before she became a coach, she was a marketing consultant for both consumer products and business-to-business services. She began her career as a journalist, but soon segued into marketing useless products to niche markets who gladly paid (collectively) millions of dollars to get what she offered. As an on-staff marketing executive, she worked for The May Company, Juggler Records, Dark Horse Comics, and Wizards of the Coast. As a consultant, she worked with US Playing Card, Precedence Entertainment, Portland General Electric, and Scottish Power, among others. Her successes as a marketing executive and a consultant add up to over $65 million dollars in sales, several industry awards, and record-breaking achievements. 

Now a marketing coach in private practice, Ronnie is known for her direct, practical and humorous style. Learn more at and

February 20th
10:00 PST
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